Jackie Robinson’s Day commemorated by MLB

A renowned American, a public figure Jackie Robinson’s leadership attributes inspire Major League Baseball to honor him by paying respect on 15th April 2014. The celebration occurs annually. Jackie Robinson played his first game for Brooklyn Dodgers as a baseman. It was played in Ebbets Field in 1947. Since his jersey number was 42 all players and personnel’s that will take part in the ceremony wore the number 42.

For 6 years the celebration is held each year. His tradition of breaking the barrier of color in baseball was remembered. The entire ball park witnessed an on- field game, a before show and an exclusive celebration which featured Jackie Robinsons and Nelson Mandela’s family. The Yankee stadium was the centre of attraction for all the celebrations. Even a business summit was also held by MLB on the 15th. The summit is one of the premier meetings for employment in sports. It is interconnected to clubs of Minor League Baseball, network of MLB, advanced media of MLB and the MLB’s office in New York which is the centre. Commissioner of Baseball- Allan H Selig addressed the networks of league followed by panel discussions, opportunities for seekers of jobs and opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Jackie Robinson’s Foundation also paid notice by the MLB. One jersey of 42 numbers was selected from each club, signed and then auctioned by the MLB for benefitting the foundation. MLB supports the foundation by current scholars being supported by them. The number has risen to 35 now. Live programmes of the commemoration were provided to the viewers. Jackie Robinson brought about a social transformation within America with his color barrier thus Rachel Robinson is very proud of the fact that the League honors and supports his activities that will be remembered since time immemorial.