The match is almost over for Hammond FOP softball ground

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 51’s softball field is down to its final out. Following a weekend farewell match fixture, the city would repossess land it once chartered to FOP that now is engrossed by most of left field. After that, a contractor would work on an almost US$ 10 million athletics complex in Dowling Park which would offer Purdue Calumet squads room to play.

But this would crowd out several city softball players who have spent their summer evenings and afternoons pursuing the game for over thirty years. The FOP told that this stands to lose US$ 10000 a year in rental as well as concession revenue fees.

It is being scored an unneeded force out by FOP vice president Mike Darnell. He suggested that this development co-occurs troubled contact dealings between the FOP and the city hall. According to him, the city is just screwing with them.

Mayor Thomas McDermott Jr. told that this had nothing to do with police negotiations. They wanted to limit Purdue women's access to the new softball field. They tried to give them a gift, a turf softball field and they were pretty unreasonable. You can have a bet on what happened next.

A member of a softball team called Kenwood Tap told that this has been a great field and cheaper to play here than many others. They have had players from as far as Chicago and Elkhart comment on how nice it was. They were expecting to expand and have other unions play there.